Preye is the Afrocentric Christian Social Entrepreneur in Tech. Creator of My African Hairitage Style (MAHS) and Chayil BOSS, Healthy Hair Consultant, Business Masters Graduate and Programme Delivery Professional. The Stylish Author of Faith Tools at Chayil BOSS is building a Social Venture Supporting African SMEs via the MAHS Market Hub platform.

She has a “can do” attitude to life and believes in making things happen with energy and passion. Her mentees constantly hear her say “no excuses”.

MAHS reflects her hobbies and passions: Style, Hair & Lifestyle inspired by Faith, Culture and African Heritage. Whilst Chayil BOSS is a platform for fellow believers supporting each other in their faith walk and she authors faith tools such as Chayil BOSS Prayer Log, Chayil BOSS Family Meeting Log and Sermon & Bible Study Log. She describes herself as being “Nowhere near perfect but perfect at being me”.

Preye strongly believes our mandate on earth is to be committed to impacting others and adding value through the skills & interests we are blessed with. Check out her One Page ProfileResume, read some Testimonials or find her on Linked In.

She was accepted into the Stepping Up Programme at the NHS Leadership Academy. By the end of the Programme, one of the tasks from faculty practitioners (Dr Charles Eden and Carol Campayne) was to come up with a definition plus visual representation of leadership unique to one’s personal values. It came as no surprise that Preye’s definition was founded on the word of God and her Faith. She wants to help people discover their God-given gift, develop it and fulfil purpose. See Preye’s definition below.

PO's Leadership Definition